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We provide thoughtful “Import BOOKING” service. Everything you want to buy but can’t find it anywhere, such as machines, novelty electronics, creative household goods, exquisite fashion products, auto spare parts, clothing, shoes and OEM order, DIY, manufacturer so on, We can help you buy all of them from China and other countries, this is our “Amazing Import Buy” service. Fair price and good service. Get in without a long wait! In addition, we synchronize with many major Chinese commercial websites, you can find the products you want in these websites, then you just need to send us their links, we will help you to buy it.

You can add as many product names as you want, separated by commas.
Please make sure to add the proper link of the product that you want to compare price. You can add multiple products link with price.
Total Price of the products.


  1. Fill in your Name
  2. Fill in your Contact E-mail ID.
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  4. Write the Name Products that you want to order
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If you don’t understand how to submit the order, contact us on WhatsApp +971527758789.

Our working hours are from 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., but you can place orders at any time. will reply as soon as possible.


  • Average Shipping time from UAE warehouse to UAE Address: 1 – 3 Working days
  • Average Shipping time from China warehouse to International Address: 7 – 12 Working days


  • PAYPAL (UAE and International Orders)
  • STRIPES (UAE and International Orders)
  • Bank Transfer (UAE and International Orders)
  • GOOGLE PAY (Indian Orders)
  • ALIPAY (UAE and International Orders)


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