Aqara D100 Bluetooth Apple Homekit WiFi Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Automatic Screen Touch Unlock Xiaomi Voice Control Wireless Doorbell Door Lock

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Aqara Smart Door Lock D100, Bluetooth 5.0, Xiaomi Home App, Apple Homekit

D100 Features: “Hey Siri” Voice Control, Aqara NFC Card Unlock, Long Range Apple Homekit Unlock, Fingerprint Unlock, Password Unlock, One time Long Range Password Unlock, Bluetooth Unlock, Apple Homekit Unlock, Emergency key Unlock, Aqara Smart Wireless Switch Unlock

How to use Apple Homekit Long Range unlock:
First add the product to Apple Homekit, and then Long Range unlock it through Apple Homekit’s central controller. The central controller of Apple Homekit includes: Apple Homepod, Apple Homepod mini, Apple TV, Ipad, etc.

Aqara Smart Home service; Installation & Warranty available in UAE, make your home smart – Renew your old house into smart – Make your life smart – Smart Switch, Smart Door Lock, Smart LED light, Smart Curtain, Smart wash room, Smart Home Sensor – Smart Home more energy saving

International shipping to any country, Cheaper and faster, Cash on Delivery in UAE takes 2-6 Business Days by Air Freight

Please Note: The Chinese version of Aqara products can be used all around the world. Set the mainland China region in the Aqara APP. “Hey Siri” voice control and multiple languages can be controlled from the Aqara APP.


Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 incorporates multiple ways of unlocking including: fingerprint, password, Bluetooth of the mobile phone, NFC and mechanical key. The integrated lock body can enable the full-automatic function of opening (automatic unlock) at one touch as well as automatic locking. The door lock is featured with such functions as lock state inspection, low battery reminders, lock picking warning and error trial warning. Meanwhile, Mi Home and Apple HomeKit are already supported, which means that the lock can cooperate with other smart devices that support Mi Home or HomeKit to fulfill the multiple functions in smart home applications like smart automation control and alarm


-Fully-Automatic Lock Body: Super fast and effortless opening without pushing the handle.
-Wide Ecosystem Compatibility: The Door Lock D100 is designed to be compatible with Apple HomeKit
-Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery – The new and more sustainable Lithium-Ion battery pack provides about one year of battery life and is equipped with a USB-C port for easy charging.
-7 Unlock Methods: Permanent, one-time and periodic passwords, fingerprint, NFC card, mechanical key, Xiaomi Home app (via Bluetooth), HomeKit
-Metal Unibody with Premium Design: The housing is made of glass and metal is incorporated, providing the best build quality. The lock feels extremely solid and due to its fully automatic lock body does not contain any moving parts.
-Supports Majority of Doors: It supports door thickness of 40 – 120 mm as well stylish pull handle doors.
-Real-Time Status Monitoring: Monitor the door lock status and send notifications to your phone.
For Upgraded Security, we’ve made Comprehensive Efforts
-Upgraded body equipped with three bolts (Coupled with a high secured lock cylinder, it is extremely resistant to break in attempts.)
-Security chip located in the inner panel (The lock’s smart hardware such as security chip won’t be accessible until the door will be opened)
-Mechanical emergency unlock knob (The lock can be locked and unlocked from inside even when the battery is completely removed)
-Local and remote tamper alerts (In case of tampering, the lock will sound an alarm and trigger the local and remote notifications)
-No more forgetting to close the door (The door will be automatically locked right after it is closed, which will give you a peace of mind.)
-Remote unlock keys with end-to-end encryption(The unlock data is encrypted locally and never stored in the cloud, which ensures the protection)
Truly effortless, and we match it will incredible Efficiency
Compared to the more traditional handle locks, the Xiaomi Aqara D100 has a fully automatic lock body. You can easily open the door without pushing the handle or turning a knob. Thanks to the integration of unlocking units, the whole process is done in one smooth motion. Moreover, it can be installed into stylish pull handle doors.
Multiple Ecosystem Support, Naturally Integrated into your Home
Apart from Mi Home, the Door lock D100 is designed to work with Home kit including Apple Homekey (iPhone Unlock)
7 Unlocking Methods, choose as your preference
1)One-time password
2)Remotely-configurable Password
4)NFC Card(included)
5)Mechanical key
6)Xiaomi Home App
Work Smoothly with Mi Home.
A unibody designed to be Ergonomic and Elegant
1)Elegance – The interactive lighting always paces with your control
2)Aesthetics -The unibody made of glass and metal incorporates the best build quality we can offer
3)Sustainability-Nano coating makes it resistant to high-temperature and increases the durability
4)Details Matter- Child safety mode won’t let small children open the door accidentally by pressing the unlock button.


Material Metal
Product Weight 4.3 KG
Product Length 39.39 cm
Product Height 5.86 cm
Product Width/Depth 7.42 cm
Wireless Connection Bluetooth 5.0
Model Name ZNMS20LM

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