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Spanning Xiaomi Aqara High-precision Human Body Sensor with Zigbee and Apple Homekit UAE UK Europe GCC INDIA USA

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AED329.00 AED850.00

Spanning Xiaomi Aqara High-precision Human Body Sensor with Zigbee and Apple Homekit UAE UK Europe GCC INDIA USA

High Precision Detection |ย IPX5 Waterproof |ย 6 Years Long Battery Life
Adjustable Sensitivity |ย Ceiling Installation |ย Intelligent Linkage
More Features:
–High precision, large range
Perceive the subtle movements of people or animals
–lPX5 waterproofEasy to deal with humid environments
–Ultra low power consumption,long battery life
–Adjustable sensitivity,suitable for multiple scenarios
ย  Provide high, medium and low 3 gear sensitivity
โ–ชย  High sensitivity
It can detect subtle movements and is suitable for scenes where only the palm is moved, such as meetings, playing mobile phones and reading books.
โ–ชย  Medium sensitivity
The default sensitivity is suitable for most common indoor scenes, such as detecting that someone passes the light and lights up automatically.
โ–ชย  Low sensitivity
Applicable to security scenarios, low false alarm rate,For example, in the mode of leaving home, sound and light alarms will be emitted when someone breaks in.
–Ceiling hidden installation
Suitable for various home styles
–Linkage with smart devices
Make life convenient and comfortable
Connect Way:
โ–ชย ย Step 1
Open the app and please add a Zigbee 3.0 gateway in the APP first,click the “+” in the upper right corner of the page to add a high-precision human sensor.
โ–ชย ย Step 2
Follow the prompts on the page to add devices until the message “Device added successfully” is displayed.
โ–ชย ย Step 3
Install the equipment to the required detection position and complete the installation.
Product model: RTCGQ13LM
Product size: 74ร— 74ร—43.3mm
Sleeve size: 113 ร— 113 ร— 41mm
Wireless connection: Zigbee 3.0
Battery model: CR2450
Executive standard: Q/QLMLO02-2020
Working temperature: -10โ„ƒ~+35โ„ƒ
Working humidity: 0~95%RH, no condensation
Detection distance: 5m
Detection angle: about 60ยฐ cone
Detection range: circle with a diameter of 6m (at a distance of 5m)

Why Use Zigbee?

  1. Very low power consumption.
    Zigbee is designed to be extremely low-power compared to other protocols, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A single button battery can run a typical device for two to five years.
  2. Ultra-low latency, high stability, excellent networking capability.
    Zigbee uses point-to-point transmission and a dedicated signal channel to ensure that the device affects speed and stable operation more than other protocols such as Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh. At the same time, with the increase of the number of smart devices in the home, the stability of the Zigbee protocol will be far beyond the smart home.
  3. High security privacy.
    The Zigbee system design can effectively avoid technical cracking and there is no chance for cracking in the present world, it ensures family security and privacy.


  1. Access to Mijia APP
  2. Apple HomeKit
  3. Voice Control: The devices can be controlled by Siri and Alexa
  4. Zigbee




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