Xiaomi Mijia Smart Scent Wireless Aroma Diffuser with 1033 way of mixing scents,16 millions of Color Gradients

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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Scent Wireless Aroma Diffuser with 1033 way of mixing scents,16 millions of Color Gradients


  • Xiaomi Mijia Smart Scent Aroma Diffuser  Xiaomi smart air freshener will fill any room with a light plume of aromas. The combination of warm woody notes and spices contrasts with the freshness of juicy citrus and freshly cut grass for an exhilarating contrast that reflects the power of nature. You can manage the fragrance settings through a mobile application.

  • Delicate fragrance  Xiaomi Guildford Car Air Outlet Aromatherapy contains solid essential oils that exude a delicate fresh fragrance and effectively eliminate unpleasant odors. The kit includes three different interchangeable aroma cartridges: citrus, tea and sage.
  • Up to 1033 fragrance options   The diffuser with three capsules creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room, corresponding to the time and event. You can adjust the intensity of the aroma, achieving a unique combination of scents – jasmine tea with hints of sage and lemon. With manual tuning, up to 1033 different options can be obtained.
  • Natural plant extracts   The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Scent Aroma Difffuser comes with three special fragrance capsules for morning, day and night, which gradually replace each other. Natural herbal extracts and essences are used, do not contain alcohol and do not harm the health of pregnant women and young children.
  • RGB backlight   The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fragrance Machine flavor is equipped with a special RGB backlight. The work is accompanied by lighting effects – there are four LED backlight modes to choose from, capable of displaying up to 16 million colors. There are special modes for reading, relaxation, sleep and awakening.

  • Smartphone control   The Mijia Smart Fragrance Machine can be powered from the mains or from the battery (autonomy up to 8 hours is declared). We can manage the device settings, adjust the intensity and time of exposure to a particular smell in a special mobile application.

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The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Scent Aroma Diffuser is not a simple air freshener (Air Freshener), but it is a normal one perfume production “factory”.. It has over 1000 kinds of high quality perfume mixing methods, and the device is patented with a unique technology of mixing aromas with special 10-level control of quantity concentration during mixing . The device also has a Autism environment that supports 16 million colors and other impressive features.

According to Xiaomi Mijia Smart Scent Aroma Diffuser can create more than 1000+ different kinds of perfumes where you can compose them yourself (DIY). It is equipped with 3 integrated replacement cartridges of quality fragrances, each of which comes with 10 different levels of adjustable concentration. Owners of the device will be free to mix and match these scents to achieve their own arousal feast to suit the space and occasion.

High quality custom perfumes are provided by a Swiss perfume company with history 250-year-old, and features three highly personalized scents.

This device can be used when connected directly to a power source, but can also be used wireless via batteries. In wireless mode, the device can have autonomy up to 8 hours and this quirky air freshener supports him too remote control via MIJIA app, that you will install on your Smartphone. Through the app, users can per-determine the combination of scents they want in advance, and the machine will start working as soon as the door is opened.

The lighting that the device has at the top in the shape of a ring supports 16 million colors which can be freely chosen, creating a beautiful atmosphere in the space. The lighting is changeable and has four functions for the atmosphere you want to create in the space: natural awakening, immersive reading, effective exercise, but also relaxation to aid sleep.

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