Original Xiaomi Move It Smart Body Scale with Robust Construction & BMI index Weight Scale

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Original Xiaomi Move It Smart Body Scale with Robust Construction & BMI index Weight Scale

Assistant for control over sports results
Move It is a great helper for all those who monitor their sports results, trying to choose the right diet based on 8 measurable body indicators.

Measured indicators
1.Bodyweight. The maximum allowable weight is 180 kg. In smart scales Move It, too, it is possible to set the unit of measurement: pounds and kilograms.
2. Muscle mass, which is indicated as a percentage. The measurement range varies from 15% to 70%.
3.Body mass index, which allows you to answer the questions of many: Do you have a full figure? BMI allows you to measure the type of human physique. Also, based on the results of measuring this indicator, you can identify and predict the risks associated with weight.
4. The level of adipose tissue in the body. This indicator helps to determine the percentage of adipose tissue in total body weight. The measurement range varies from 5% to 75%.
5. Bone mass.
6. The level of water content in the body. As a rule, this figure is in the range of 60-70%. With the help of the scale of reasonable scales, you will be able to see results of measurements and to follow the further tendencies of this indicator.
7. BMR is an indicator of basal metabolism. The minimum amount of energy required by the human body to ensure the efficient functioning of the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems, as well as such vital organs as the liver, kidneys and others.
8. The level of visceral fat (accumulates around the abdomen).Β The measurement range varies from 1 to 30.

Robust construction

The surface of smart scales is made of tempered glass, and also in the design of the device stainless steel and ABS-plastic (the made bottom of scales) are applied. The use of these materials provides not only high functionality and elegant design of the device, but also – a pleasant tactile sensation. In the upper part of the device, in the centre, there is a fairly large LCD display with backlight. It reflects the measurement results.

Fast synchronization with devices

Synchronization of scales with your device is carried out by means of the built-in Bluetooth 3.0 module within 3 meters from the device.Β Smart scales support synchronization with devices running Android and iOS.Β Weighing data via Wi-Fi can be transferred directly to another smartphone.

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