Aqara Smart Mini Wireless Switch E1 Apple HomeKit APP Control Customizable Remote Control Doorbell Switch Zigbee 3.0 Wireless Switch

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Aqara Smart Mini Wireless Switch Chinese Version, Zigbee 3.0, Xiaomi App, Apple App, Aqara APP Chinese version hub (Aqara hub M1S,M2,E1 and more), Model: WXKG20LM, Product weight:0.0180 kg, Package weight:0.0630 kg

Mini Wireless Features: “Hey Siri” Voice Control, Emergency Call Button Switch, Portable Switch, One key Control Switch, Smart Doorbell Switch, Phone- free Control Switch, Wireless Switch

Aqara Smart Home service; Installation & Warranty available in UAE, make your home smart – Renew your old house into smart – Make your life smart – Smart Switch, Smart Door Lock, Smart LED light, Smart Curtain, Smart wash room, Smart Home Sensor – Smart Home more energy saving

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Please Note: The Chinese version of Aqara products can be used all around the world. Set the mainland China region in the Aqara APP. “Hey Siri” voice control and multiple languages can be controlled from the Aqara APP.

Main Features:
•One key to control
•Before sleeping: one button to turn off all the appliances
•Waking up at night: one button to turn on the nightlight
•When going out: one key to control household appliances
•Can be used as an emergency call button
•Defending and withdrawing defense
•Working temperature: -10 – 60 Deg.C
•Working humidity: 0 – 95pct RH
•Built-in 1 x CR2032 cell battery
•Please download APP from the user manual/’s QR code
•Portable, small size, easy to install

Aqara WXKG11LM Wireless Mini Switch (One Button Control – 2 Years Battery Life ) – An multi-functional gateway is required

Easily control other smart home accessories with three action

Smart Doorbell
Along with a gateway it serves as a doorbell when attached to the wall. Ringtones can be customized to your preference.
Add a Smart Remote to your Smart Home
-Phone-Free Control
-2 Year Battery Life
Activate your Smart Home – with 3 Customizable Control Settings
-Single Press
-Double Press
-Long Press
Panic Button
Can be programmed to be a panic button to trigger alert when an emergency happens
-Local Flashing Siren Alarm
-Instant Mobile Alert
It’s a doorbell should be work with Mijia gateway or Aqara air conditioning companion.
Aqara Wireless Mini Switch
Easily control other smart home accessories with three actions.
-One Button Control
-2 Years Battery Life
Aqara Smart Wireless Switch – How to Install
-Place it anywhere
-Stick on the wall
-Hold in hand
Please note: Do not install the smart wireless switch on the metal surface. The wireless transmission distance will be affected. Double press to turn off all electric appliance before sleep. Once button to turn on the nightlight when you wake up at night
Simple to use
Note: Please connect with the multi-functional gateway remote control before use.

Two steps to connect with the APP:

1. Open the APP, Choose “Add More” in the main interface, add the smart wireless switch

2. Press the “Reset” button of the switch

Designed to fit everywhere.
No wiring required. The minimal design allows you to place it anywhere or attach it to a surface with a sticker
Technologically advanced.
Aqara Wireless Mini Switch is a remote control switch with compact design and low energy consumption. Supports up to 50,000 times of physically on/off switching. Adopts V-0 grade flame retardant PC shell and high temperature resistance.
Smart doorbell.
Along with the Aqara Hub, it serves as a doorbell when attached to the wall. Ringtones can be customized to your preference.
Emergency Button.
If someone accidentally falls, a press of the switch will notify you via the phone and the Aqara Hub will send out a sound and light alarm.

Aqara Wireless Mini Switch Quick Start Guide.

Product Introduction
Aqara Wireless Mini Switch is a remote control switch with compact design and low energy consumption. You can place or stick it almost anywhere. Single press, double press or long press to control various smart accessories, such as, Smart Light and Smart Plug.
-A hub is required.
-Aqara Hub is required to enable Aqara Wireless Mini Switch to work with HomeKit Technology. See www.aqara.com for more details.
-This product is for indoor use only.
Feature Button
1. Reset Button – Long Press for 3s:Reset Single Press: Effective Range Test
2. Push Button
3. Indicator Light
Quick Setup
1. Please add the Hub to the app according to the Hub Quick Start Guide.
2. Please open the app, tap “Home” and then tap “+” in the top right corner to enter “Add Device (Accessory)” page. Select “Wireless Mini Switch”, and add it according to instructions.
-If the connections fails, please move the accessory closer to the Hub and try again.


Effective Range Test: Single press the reset button on the accessory at your desired position. If the Hub makes voice prompts, it indicated that the accessory can communicate effectively with the Hub.
-Avoid metal surface to maximize signal strength.
Option 1: Place it directly in the desired position.
Option 2: Remove the protective film, and stick it to the desired position. -Keep the surface clean and dry.

Package Contents:

1 x Aqara Wireless Switch
1 x User Manual

Why Use Zigbee?

Zigbee is a wireless protocol that enables smart home devices to communicate with each other and a hub or controller. Zigbee does not require an internet connection to function even if your Wi-Fi goes down. Zigbee have Speed and Stable operation.

1-Low power consumption
One of the main advantages of Zigbee is that it is designed to operate on low power and battery-efficient devices, such as sensors, switches, and remotes. This means that you can have more devices in your smart home network without worrying about frequent charging or replacing batteries. Zigbee also uses a mesh network topology, which means that each device can act as a repeater and extend the range and reliability of the signal.
2-High compatibility
Another benefit of Zigbee is that it is based on a common standard that ensures interoperability and compatibility among different devices and brands. Zigbee devices can use a common language and protocol to exchange information and commands, regardless of their manufacturer or model. This gives you more flexibility and choice when selecting and adding smart home devices to your network. Zigbee also supports over 65,000 devices on a single network, which is much more than other protocols, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
3-Security and privacy
Zigbee also offers some advantages in terms of security and privacy, compared to other protocols. Zigbee uses encryption and authentication to protect the data and commands that are transmitted between devices and the hub or controller. Zigbee also operates on a separate frequency band from Wi-Fi, which reduces the interference and congestion from other wireless networks and devices.
4-Extra-Layer Functionality
Zigbee 3.0 & updated version ensure maximum compatibility and functionality. One of the main challenges of Smart Home Automations is that require hub or controller to connect the devices and enable communication. This is where Zigbee comes to play, Zigbee adds extra layer of Hub Control Functionality.
5-Ultra-low latency, high stability, excellent networking capability.
Zigbee uses point-to-point transmission and a dedicated signal channel to ensure that the device affects speed and stable operation more than other protocols such as Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh. At the same time, with the increase of the number of smart devices in the home, the stability of the Zigbee protocol will be far beyond the smart home.



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