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Xiaomi X Apple HomeKit Smart Door Lock Camera Fingerprint Automatic NFC 3D Face Recognition Unlock Voice Control WIFI Wireless Doorbell Door lock

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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X, Bluetooth 5.0, Xiaomi Home App, Apple Homekit

X Features: “Hey Siri” Voice Control, 3D Face Unlock, Fingerprint Unlock, Long Range Apple Homekit Unlock, Aqara NFC Card Unlock, Password Unlock, One time Long Range Password Unlock, Bluetooth Unlock, Apple Homekit Unlock, Emergency key Unlock, Aqara Smart Wireless Switch Unlock

How to use Apple Homekit Long Range unlock:
First add the product to Apple Homekit, and then Long Range unlock it through Apple Homekit’s central controller. The central controller of Apple Homekit includes: Apple Homepod, Apple Homepod mini, Apple TV, Ipad, etc.

Aqara Smart Home service; Installation & Warranty available in UAE, make your home smart – Renew your old house into smart – Make your life smart – Smart Switch, Smart Door Lock, Smart LED light, Smart Curtain, Smart wash room, Smart Home Sensor – Smart Home more energy saving

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Face unlock, Large wide-angle recognition area, children do not need to tiptoe, adults do not need to bend over. The elderly do not need to worry about fingerprint wear, and the unlocking method is suitable for the whole family.
3D structured light
The innovative self-developed identification module integrates speckle projector, infrared camera, and infrared fill light to realize 3D living detection and effectively prevent 2D photos and videos from cracking. The module is certified by the Bank Card Testing Center (BCTC), and the security standard reaches the financial payment enhanced level, which is accurate and safe.
High energy lithium battery
A 7.6V x 6250mAh ultra-high-energy lithium battery is included as standard, with a battery life of up to 4-6 months. *An additional original battery is provided for seamless replacement, and the long battery life is more secure.
Induction doorbell video intercom
When the visitor approaches, the doorbell can be automatically woken up. After pressing the doorbell, the host can initiate a remote video intercom; after the connection is established, the visitor can see the sound wave animation prompt on the screen. Realize remote video intercom.
Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X
Accurate Recognition Of 3D Structured Light Faster And Safer

8 Ways to unlock

  • 3D Face Recognition
  • Camera
  • Fingerprint
  • NFC Card
  • Password & One Time Password (OTP)
  • Emergency Physical Key
  • Bluetooth App Unlock
  • Apple Homekit

The new smart door look bears a close semblance with the Smart Door Lock X which also uses 3D structured light facial recognition. The Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock also featured an AMOLED screen on the inside. A few other options for unlocking the smart door lock are also available. They include using a key, password, fingerprint, or the smartphone App.
The smart door lock has a net weight of 4g and adopts an aluminum alloy panel. It is suitable for doors sized between 40mm and 120mm while its dimensions are 473 x 185 x 105 mm. Xiaomi is yet to provide the full specs of the device but this should not be far off that of its predecessor. The Smart Door Lock X has a 6,250mAh battery that can last for 6 months. The gadget can record up to 50 user face components up between 1.3 and 2 meters.
3D Structured Light face
Financial payment enhanced security certification
AMOLFD Display
Visual interaction. I can see it, I’ll say it smarter
Automatic Lock Body
Opens when you brush your face and automatically locks when you close the door
Live C-level Lock Cylinder
Through the lock body, safe explosion-proof disassembly
8 Unlocking methods
Multiple choices are more convenient, suitable for the whole family
Induction Doorbell Video Intercom
Remote video intercom, response to foreign affairs
Dual Ecological Intelligent Linkage
Support Mijia and Homekit Platform
Exclusive Enjoyment Service
6 exclusive customer services
No fear of Night, Easy Identification
The infrared camera in the 3D structure light module can also capture facial information under dark light conditions to quickly complete face recognition, Even if the corridor is dark, it can be Unlocked instantly
Visual input, Smart Interaction
The innovative combination of AMOLED display and smart door lock makes the status of the door lock clear at a glance and greatly improves the user experience. When entering the face according to the content displayed on the screen, the user is guided by voice to adjust the position to complete two precise entries, when returning home to unlock, the facial recognition result will be fed back in real time through the icon animation; when returning home to unlock, the facial recognition result will be fed back in real time through the icon animation; when the visitor talks outside the door, the sound wave animation is smart

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