Xiaomi Mijia Smart Hot and Cold Water Dispenser 3L 2075W Home Fast Water Heated Cooler Portable Water Pump Electric Kettle MJMY23YM

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Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Dispenser Features: One-Button Water Outlet, 3 Seconds Quick Heating,  3L Capacity with Display,

Please Note: The Chinese version of Xiaomi products can be used all around the world. Set the mainland China region in the Xiaomi APP. multiple languages can be controlled from the Xiaomi APP


  • It can be used hot or cold. can produce cold water with a temperature of up to 7°C
  • Within 3 seconds, can get hot water. Can also set the temperature according to your will.
  • 3L Water capacity
  • It sterilizes the water and protects you from bacteria and germs.
  • Using the Mi Home app to use this water dispenser on your mobile phone would be more convenient.

Safe Material for Full Water Path: Ensures pure and odorless water with a baby-safe glass inner container, 316 stainless steel heating plate, and toughened glass water outlet path.

-Large 5L Capacity: Holds enough water for 20 cups, eliminating the need for frequent refills and reheating.
-One-Touch Extended Boiling to Remove Chlorine: Easily extend boiling time to thoroughly evaporate residual chlorine, providing cleaner water for your family.
-Three Boiling Modes: Choose from Tap Water Mode (Boil and Keep Warm), Pure Water Mode (Directly Keep Warm), or Cool Boil Mode (Boil and Cool Down) to handle different water qualities.
-High Power 1600W: Boils 5 liters of water in approximately 18 minutes, saving time from start to finish.
-±1°C Precise Temperature Control: Adjust the temperature from 40°C to 90°C in 1-degree increments for various temperature needs.
-Cooling with Airflow: Innovative cooling circulation airflow technology reduces waiting time for boiling water by about 50%.
-Remote Control via App: Connect to the Mi Home App for personalized temperature settings without needing to be near the kettle.
-Double Scald Protection: Double-layer design with glass inner container and PP outer shell, including an insulated air layer, enhances safety.
-Adapts to Boiling Points: Automatically detects the boiling point and ensures a genuine boil, even in highland areas.
-Convenient Night Light: Activate the water dispensing light with a simple touch for nighttime visibility.

Cool and Hot Function, Adjustable Temperature in 1°C Increments
13-Second Rapid Cooling, Complete Waterway Sterilization, Mini Design
Refreshing Cold Water at 7°C, Cool and Satisfying Without Teeth Chilling
Complete Waterway Sterilization to Prevent Bacterial Growth
3-Second Instant Heating
Smart Digital Display for Easy Information Access
Compact Design, High Aesthetics in a Small Package
Adjustable Temperature in 1°C Increments for Added Convenience



Hot water is great, but sometimes cold water is even better
After a long day, after exercise, or on a hot summer day, a glass of cold water hits the spot!

3-Second Freshly Made Hot Water
Designed for Hot Water Enthusiasts, the New Generation Nano Membrane Heating Technology, 2000W High Power Rapid Heating, Water Flow Heated to the Desired Temperature as It Passes Through the Quartz Tube, No More Waiting for Boiling Water.
3-Second Rapid Heating,2000W High Power

Enjoy Cold Water without Freezing Your Teeth
Water temperature can be lowered to about 7-15°C, providing refreshing cold water that’s just right, between chilled and room temperature, satisfying and gentle on your stomach.

Compact and Space-Saving Mini Size
Thanks to the new ice-cold bladder cooling system, it offers additional features in a smaller form, saving space and fitting perfectly anywhere.
Place it in the living room as a stylish centerpiece
Keep it in the bedroom for late-night thirst quenching
Turn your office into a water bar in seconds

Stronger Cooling with Low Noise and Durability
The core of the cooling system relies on an efficient ice-cold bladder design, delivering higher cooling efficiency. No refrigerants are used, ensuring a quiet operation and increased durability.

Continuous Sterilization, Guardian of Healthy Drinking Water
Guarding your health, the high-temperature hot water circulates throughout the complete waterway, automatically cleaning away bacteria and dirt, with a 100% removal rate for E. coli and a 99.7% removal rate for bacteriophages, protecting your family at all times.

Adjustable Temperature for the Perfect Beverage
Whether you’re drinking plain water or preparing various beverages, with the fine 1°C adjustable temperature control and 4 commonly used temperature modes, you can always get the perfect water temperature.
7°C Cold Water Mode
24°C Room Temperature Mode
55°C Warm Water Mode
95°C Hot Water Mode

Smart LED Display for Clear Water Status
The LED display provides clear information on the current water temperature and water dispensing status, making it easy to get a quick drink.

4 Fixed Water Dispensing Modes for Various Uses
Choose from 4 fixed cup sizes to prevent spills and easily dispense water in 100mL increments, quickly meeting your daily water needs with automatic memory of the last cup size, no need for repeated selection.

3L Water Tank for a Day’s Worth of Water
With a 3L large-capacity water tank, you only need to refill once a day, reducing the inconvenience of frequent refills. The food-grade material meets national standards for added safety and peace of mind.

Connect to the Xiaomi Home App for Convenient Water Dispenser Settings on Your Phone
No need to stand by the water dispenser, simply connect to the Xiaomi Home App via Wi-Fi to easily customize water temperature and more.

More Details, More Care
Gentle Night Light: No fumbling for water at night
Water Tank with Scale Line: Easily see the water level
Child Lock: Protects active little ones
Detachable Water Tank: Easy to fill and go

Package Contents
Xiaomi Smart Hot and Cold Water Dispenser x1
Main Unit x1
Water Tank x1
Water Receiving Box x1
User Manual x1



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