Xiaomi Metal Suitcase 2 All Aluminium Trolley Case 10KG 20 inch Luggage 90 Fen Metal Suitcase

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Xiaomi Metal Suitcase 2 Aluminium Trolley

Suitcase 2 Features: Cabinet size: 486×356×215mm, Net Weight: 10kg

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Basic parameters
Product color: black, silver
Box surface material: aluminum magnesium alloy
Material in the box: polyester fiber
Cabinet size: 486×356×215mm
Total size: 551×388×215mm
Product weight: 4.1kg
Product volume: about 35L |
Product model: LXX10RM *The total size is the size of the wheels, handles and side stand corners when the lever is safely stowed; the box size refers to the size of the case without any accessories. Note: you may be charged customs duties and taxes for something purchased online. Buyers are responsible for custom taxes.

Xiaomi metal suitcase 2nd generation
Superb craftsmanship, decent travel *High performance aluminum-magnesium alloy *New generation TSA combination lock *Compared with the first generation

















Make a box with the standard of artwork, a decent choice for travel.

The second generation of Xiaomi Metal Suitcase is carefully sculpted to the standards of works of art, with new upgrades and optimization in terms of texture design, capacity, locks, colors, etc., making travel more decent.

High-performance aluminum-magnesium alloy, lighter and stronger

The box continues to use the 5 series custom aluminum-magnesium alloy material, which is light and has good impact resistance, and is more refined in the texture design, which is pleasing to the eye. *5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy is light and tough, and it is mostly used in high-end metal box cases in the industry; 6 series aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy is strong and easy to extrude, and it is mostly used to make metal box frames.


















150 exquisite processes, each part is carefully polished

The manufacturing process of the metal suitcase is relatively complicated, with 150 procedures to control the quality of each part.















New generation TSA combination lock, one-button press, quick opening and closing

Two TSA combination locks are used for safe customs clearance and worry-free exit. The buckle has been upgraded from the 1st-generation bounce type to a flat type, and the overall shape is more concise and integrated. One-button press to open, the unpacking speed is faster. **Adopt TSA combination lock, the staff can open the box for inspection through the special key in a non-destructive state when crossing the border, so that the luggage can pass through the border safely.

Large capacity upgrade, about 12% expansion compared to the first generation

The width of the box is increased from 203mm to 215mm in the first generation, and the corresponding volume is upgraded from 31L to about 35L. At the same time, it is equipped with a detachable partition and an adjustable Y-shaped belt for free storage.

















Full of self-confidence, every journey is rewarding

Take it, go where you want to go, and get your own wonderful.


















360° smooth wheel, smooth rotation

The highly elastic and wear-resistant TPE wheels benefit from the internal precision ball structure and the shock-absorbing and buffering effect of the wheel seat steering shaft, which extends the life of the wheels.
















One pull, one fit, expand and contract freely, without stuttering

The aluminum alloy rod has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. It is not only load-bearing, but also has a smooth pulling process. The four gears are adjustable, giving a smooth pulling experience.















Protection upgrade, perfect protection of the four corners of the cabinet

The thickened metal anti-collision package corner is fixed by four rivets. It is strong and stable. It is protected like armor, anti-collision and drop resistance, and effectively protects the box body.

































Special Design

*Comfortable grip, automatic rebound handle * 4 side wear-resistant foot pads *Close fitting, 3 overlapping pages design *Inner skin, healthy materials, fine workmanship


















Available in two colors

Cool and capable black, elegant and stylish silver, two colors for you to choose **The above picture is for reference only. The actual product shall prevail. Due to the influence of the lighting of the shooting, there may be a certain color difference from the actual product.


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